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Did you know that 40% of U.S. households have been affected by viruses?


Viruses are extremely common and can be very dangerous for your computer and data. If you’re infected your computer and personal data are in serious jeopardy.


Your personal information, such as, bank account passwords can fall info unscrupulous hands. And the longer you wait the greater the risk. So how do you know if you’re infected?

Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms?

Computer running slowly, popups, unstable applications, freezes, blanks screen, reboots, lockups, etc.   If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you could be infected.

So What Do You Do?

Call Us: 

Alston Computer Services  402.431.2824

You don’t even have to leave your home.  If you’re in the Omaha / Metro area, we can come to you.

We also have Remote Service and can remove the virus over the phone!


Our Virus Removal Service is quick, through and efficient. Our service includes:

  • Complete Scan of computer
  • Clean all viruses, adware, malware etc.
  • increase speed and stability
  • install FREE virus software
  • *Same-Day Service
  • Nearly 50% less than Geek Squad



*In most cases.


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